Location: Dallas, TX

When I was first brought on by Gold River Trading Co., I was excited to help them improve their online presence and grow their business. I worked hard to implement my expertise in SEO and paid media, which allowed me to increase the company’s website ranking and visibility various social media platforms.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Location: Wilmington, DE

Working with the nonprofit ISI was an incredibly rewarding experience. It was a great honor to help an organization that had such a positive impact on its community. I put my expertise in running a marketing department to good use, helping them quickly increase and grow their email lists and improve their visibility on social media platforms.


Location: Clearwater, FL

I recently had the pleasure of helping with marketing efforts for CrossFit Rebels gym. I was able to successfully create several Facebook marketing campaigns that helped increase overall membership. First, I researched current trends in the fitness industry and identified target demographics for our campaigns. With this information in hand, I created several engaging Facebook ads that used eye-catching images and compelling messaging to draw in potential new members.

ALIGN Newsletter

Location: Dallas, TX

The ALIGN newsletter started with just 50 subscribers, but after using the strategies I taught them, they were able to grow their list to over 50,000 in a short amount of time. One of the biggest things that helped them was using lead generation ads on Facebook. This tactic, combined with precise targeting, allowed us to get new subscribers for less than $0.50 a subscriber. To further optimize their subscription process, the ALIGN newsletter team implemented conversion optimization techniques that improved sign-up rates. They added social proof elements to their landing page by including testimonials from existing subscribers. They also reduced form fields to only the essential information, making it as easy as possible for visitors to give their email addresses.


Location: Dallas, TX

I was responsible for creating and managing all the content on their channel, which included creating original videos, uploading videos, and interacting with viewers. I have a lot of experience managing YouTube campaigns, particularly for political organizations. As the social media manager for American Firebrand, a PAC dedicated to supporting conservative causes and candidates; I was responsible for creating and managing all of the content on their YouTube channel. I worked on their first video campaign called “THE WAR,” and we were able to get several articles written about us, with several of the videos getting over 100,000 views.